Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Ltd
(ABN: 32 101 614 760)


Centrefarm is a company limited by guarantee established to provide benefit to Aboriginal Landowners in the NT through driving the commercial and sustainable development of their lands. The close working relationship with the Central and Northern Land Councils is fundamental to these activities.


Centrefarm's core role is to identify at-scale commercially viable opportunities on Aboriginal land, and develop them as the foundations for new regional economies. Centrefarm works across a wide range of industries whilst retaining a significant focus on primary industry.


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A Partnership of Practical and Strategic Knowledge

Centrefarm has a wide range of professional expertise and more than a decade of practical on-the-ground experience and success in remote area Aboriginal economic development. We know this space.


With strong networks across the entire range of stakeholders from Aboriginal landowners to markets, via government, industry and the finance sector, Centrefarm is uniquely placed to facilitate long-term success.


Centrefarm's practical "hands on" approach has been instrumental in determining the critical elements and processes in this environment. It has also enabled us to identify and develop strategic solutions to the key challenges of tenure and funding. 


From a base  in Alice Springs, Centrefarm operates across the Northern Territory and into Western Australia. The company has emerged as a key organisation, and is the preferred economic development entity of both the Central and Northern Land Councils.


Centrefarm operates in the Top End under the licensed brand name TopEnd Farm.



Centrefarm and the Northern and Central Land Councils

A cooperative and effective working relationship exists between Centrefarm and the two largest Land Councils in the NT, the Northern Land Council and the Central Land Council. These relationships are essential for the successful development of Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory, which is subject to the provisions of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (ALRA).


The Land Councils are Commonwealth statutory bodies created under the ALRA to represent the Indigenous peoples of the Northern Territory. They are also Native Title Representative Bodies under the Commonwealth's Native Title Act 1993, and are required under the legislation to identify, consult, advise and represent Aboriginal landowners in relation to any proposal affecting Aboriginal land.


Centrefarm’s commercial role complements the statutory and regulatory role of the Land Councils by working in partnership to pro-actively develop Aboriginal land assets for the benefit of the Traditional Owners.