Engagement and Governance

Developing new economies on Aboriginal land for the benefit of the Traditional Owners is not just about generating jobs. Centrefarm's vision and commitment is for local people to confidently control the economies themselves, making decisions about what direction to take, and having the business acumen to support those decisions. This is a long-term process and entails learning on both sides to secure success.


Centrefarm's Corporate and Policy branch is coordinating an innovative approach to this that engages with the members and directors of associated Aboriginal companies in a two-way (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) dialogue on land management and governance in statutory and customary law. 


Asking questions such as: How is land managed? For what purpose? What are the governance structures that enable this? Why are things done the way they are? the dialogue deals simultaneously with topics including the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act 1976, leases, contracts, balance sheets and profit-and-loss, and with kinship, and the way knowledge is generated, held and transmitted. 

2-way   definitions

The dialogue is benefitting from the expertise of Centrefarm affiliates Kerrie Nelson and Craig San Roque, working closely with the members and directors of Aboriginal companies. It is a long-term process but one that is already bearing fruit at Ali Curung.