Joint Economic Development Strategy

of the Northern and Central Land Councils


Originally established as a developer of viable commercial economies on Aboriginal lands for the benefit of Traditional Owners and communities, Centrefarm has more than a decade of practical on-the-ground experience of what is required, what works and what does not in this highly complex space.

This experience has enabled Centrefarm to create a comprehensive economic develooment strategy for the NT mainland Aboriginal estate in association with the Northern and Central Land Councils.

The strategy addresses the core economic components of land, capital and labour and responds to key challenges with innovative solutions designed to bring together Aboriginal aspirations and knowledge with commercial business and development.

The strategy has been endorsed by the Executive Committees of both land councils, and will be subject to a $78m pilot phase from 2019-2023 at six locations across the NT.


During the pilot phase, work will be undertaken towards producing a Prospectus of live opportunities in varied industry sectors for projects across the NT Aboriginal Estate that are feasibility tested and ready for investment. 

The strategy is about facilitating Aboriginal landowners to become landlords, driving development to realise the full potential of their land holdings, and enabling the successful development of northern Australia.


Driving Development